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Tineco Floor One Station Unboxing & Reviews

Tineco Floor one Space Station, model is Tineco FW30010ECN. This smart Floor washing machine was released in China in September 2022, and the release time of the overseas version has not yet been determined. Today we will unpack the Tineco Floor One Station, show all the parts and explain their use.

Tineco Floor One Station Unboxing Show

「Product Description」

As an upgraded product of the third-generation clean electric mop of floor one 3.0, it adds the structure of "space station". It truly realizes automation, can be used directly when picked up and can be put back without taking care of it, making users more worry-free.

Note: This space station refers to the base station of Floor one. It can realize functions such as automatic water replenishment, sewage discharge, flushing, and centrifugal air drying.

  • Clean core technology

It is equipped with a constant-pressure live water cleaning system. The water pump sprays water to wet the roller brush, and the ground is brushed with live water 450 times per minute. Then squeeze the roller brush 450 times per minute, and finally suck the sewage into the sewage bucket. After washing, the roller brush is centrifuged and dried at high speed to avoid secondary pollution. UV lamps are also used to sterilize the roller brush twice through ultraviolet rays.

  • Synchronous battery life of water and electricity

Up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted washing the floor. The capacity of the battery and the water tank is increased simultaneously, and the amount of water injection and suction can be intelligently adjusted. Realize complete-built unit hydropower dual battery life, when the electricity is used up, the water will be used up.

  • SmoothPower Power System

The rear roller is equipped with dual motors, which can intelligently sense the intention of push and pull. Anticipate the direction and speed of movement, and provide true and false assistance.

  • Three working modes

Provide smart cleaning, smart sterilization and water absorption modes. Living room, kitchen and bathroom are not a big problem for it, and it can be easily done with its three working modes.

  • Double welt & lighting, clean without dead ends

The roller brush is truly double welt, and the gap on both sides is less than 10mm. It can clean difficult places such as table corners and walls.


This tineco is more convenient to operate, and the cleaning effect on dry and wet garbage is also considerable. It is not difficult to install. The floor washing machine Pick it up and use it, put it down, don't worry about it. The electricity is full and the water is full.

* If you are interested in its accessory information, follow the next article.

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