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Tineco Floor One Station Original Parts Dimension

Tineco Floor One Station, the model is Tienco FW30010ECN. This smart floor washer was released in China in September 2022, and the overseas release time has not yet been determined. As an upgrade product of the third-generation clean electric mop of Floor one 3.0, adds the structure of "space station". It provides three cleaning modes, which truly realize automation. It can be used directly when picked up and put back without taking care of it.

Equipped with a constant pressure living water cleaning system, after the roller brush is washed, it is kept clean by centrifugal air drying. In addition, the space station is equipped with UV lights and front lighting lights to sterilize the roller brush twice through ultraviolet rays. Equipped with SmoothPower booster system, the rear wheel dual motor bidirectional booster, is easy and effortless to push and pull.

「Accessories display」
  • Roller brush

Floor one station adopts a single-roller brush design with better cleaning power. The advantage of the single-roller brush and double-welt design enables the scrubber to sweep along the wall when cleaning the floor next to the wall and switch the angle at a wall so that the wall and corners on the other side will not leave a blind spot.

The picture below is the detail of the original roller brush of Floor one station. We show it from the weight size and some details. It clearly allows you to have a better understanding of the roller brush.

Detail of the original roller brush

  • Filter

Secondly, thesynchronous battery life of water and electricitymeans that the water is used up after the electricity is used up, and it can be cleaned uninterruptedly for 40 minutes. The clean water tank capacity of Tianke Floor one station is 850mL, the sewage tank capacity is 720mL, and the sewage tank is equipped with a filter.

The picture below is a display of the size weight and different directions of the original filter of Floor one station. You can see the details in more detail and understand its specifications.

Detail of the original filter


This article shows the parts that need to be replaced in Tineco Floor One Station in detail. This article mainly introduces some information about the original accessories, which is for the convenience of later replacement as a reference.

* If you want to see the unboxing video and a display of all parts, you can click here.

* If you want to know about vacuum cleaners, you can find them on the website.


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