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The successor to the best-selling Mijia 1C, the Xiaomi Mijia 2C is coming soon

There are many home sweeper (Robotic Vacuum Cleaner) users who have heard of or even used the Mijia 1C product from Xiaomi (also named Mi Robot Vacuum Mop), a machine that has gained widespread popularity worldwide with its solid basics and great value for money, selling very well and being liked by a wide range of users. Recent pre-order information from Chinese e-commerce platform JD shows that Xiaomi will soon launch the successor to the Xiaomi Mijia 1C, the Xiaomi Mijia 2C.

the Xiaomi 1C

Xiaomi Mijia 1C Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

On JD’s product page we can see that the machine is still “pending” and will be available for pre-order on 24 May at 00:00 GMT+8. The exact price has not been revealed yet, but is estimated to be within RMB 2,000(almost 315 USD).

Mijia 2C now on for Pre-Order

Xiaomi Mijia 2C Pre-Order Page on

Let’s take a look at some additional information on this machine.

Xiaomi Mijia 2C Machine Model Name: STYTJ03ZHM

It is clear from this model name that it is the same series as the previous Mijia 1C (STYTJ01ZHM) and Mijia 1T (STYTJ02ZHM), both manufactured by Dreame, a Xiaomi eco-chain company.

 Promotional image of Mijia 2c on the sales website

2700Pa Suction Power

 Promotional image of Mijia 2c on the sales website

110 min Endurance

Xiaomi Mijia 2C has 2700Pa suction power, 4 levels of suction power mediation mode, 550ml large dust container, has a similar electronically controlled water tank as Mijia 1C, 250ml water tank volume, supports mopping area up to 150 square meters, with 3200mAh large battery, endurance 110 minutes, body height 8.1cm, using infrared obstacle avoidance and visual navigation technology route. It supports an obstacle crossing height of 2cm.

Comparison of mijia 1c and mijia 2c Product Selling Point

Comparison of Mijia 1C and Mijia 2C

In terms of performance, almost everything is more powerful than its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mijia 1C, so this is definitely an excellent successor.

Then again, this machine is not much different from its predecessor in terms of appearance, but it looks like the renders have been done a little better. But a sweeper without LDS laser navigation might still be a little lacking in competitiveness


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