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Is the iRobot Roomba i4 + worth buying?

Amazon Prime Day Early Access Sale 2022 is October 11-12. How high is the discount for the Roomba during this golden rush time? We can see from this picture on the official website that the current price is $399.99. For the usual price of $600 for the Roomba i4 +, this price is very low. So is it worth buying?

What does the plus sign after the 4 stand for? It means that this version has a self-emptying dock. It empties the robot vacuum cleaner's dust box after every cleaning. Depending on how often you use the vacuum, it can store trash for about 60 days. But there is a small disadvantage that when emptying the dust box, there will be a lot of noise. This is a common feature of auto-emptying bases, but the duration will be short.

Automatic dirt disposal docking station

It has iRobot's patented double multi-surface rubber brush, which reduces the chance of hair tangling on the brush. Also handles pet hair well, as it has a double multi-surface rubber brush. This unique design will keep it from getting tangled in pet hair or human hair. It also doesn't require a lot of maintenance, and while it doesn't completely prevent hair tangling, it removes hair with ease.

It uses dirt detection technology. When it finds that there is more dirt in the area than usual, it activates dirt detection and vacuums the area to make sure all the dirt is collected.

The Roomba i4 + vacuum cleaner with iAdapt3.0 navigation technology can use imprint smart maps to navigate your home. This means these robots can clean, learn and adapt to your environment. It also uses advanced floor tracking sensors to vacuum floors as well as carpets to navigate your home in neat rows.

Roomba i4 + has floor tracking sensors

Equipped with a virtual wall barrier. If you have an area in your home that you want to avoid not cleaning, you can place it around objects. It will create a protective aura around itself to prevent the Roomba from getting too close.


The Roomba i4 + has some special features, and if you get it for $400 within two days, it's a great option. It's better for people with busy jobs, or if you're a pet owner. You'll also love its virtual wall barrier, which stops it from going where you don't want it to go.


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