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ILIFE A11 is a good vacuum cleaner?

There should be no one who doesn't like to use a vacuum cleaner now, especially the one that can sweep and mop the floor. If you have a vacuum cleaner that can help you deal with these tedious chores, isn't it a great thing for you who are busy? The A11 launched by ILIFE is a two-in-one vacuum cleaner. This upgrade has changed some functions and added some features. Let's take a look.

ILIFE A11 LiDAR Robot Vacuum and Mop


It has advanced lidar technology 2.0 technology, which can quickly scan and give the best route. The sampling rate of up to 3000 per second and the measurement range of 26 inches can improve the mapping efficiency. In addition, the A11 can be mapped in multiple layers, providing different maps for multiple floors of your house.


The A11 is powered by an advanced NIDEC brushless motor with a suction force of up to 4000Pa. In addition, there are 4 regulated power levels. It can pick up all kinds of messy dust and debris for enhanced cleaning efficiency.

Mopping and running time

It uses the same cleaning method as humans, by moving left to right to form a "Y" shaped path to clean the floor. It increases the coverage rate to 85%, removes stains more effectively, and improves cleaning efficiency.

The A11 has a 5,200mAh battery and runs for about 3 hours. This means that about 4 bedrooms can be cleaned on a single charge. When the battery is lower than 6%, it will return to the dock by itself to charge. After a full charge, it will return to the location it just left to clean again.

Real 2-IN-1 + 1

Equipped with a 2-in-1 dustbin and water tank plus a separate 450ml dustbin, the A11 will meet all your needs. This design will simplify the cleaning process and save time. The litter box can also carry more trash as it is additionally equipped with a 450ml dustbin.

Dustbin and water tank plus a 450ml dustbin

In addition, it has a remote control and accessories to improve usability. Exclusion zones can also be set on the app. The current price is $399.99. Overall, it's a robot vacuum with a good budget.


ILIFE is a robot vacuum cleaner with a good budget. It has functions such as vacuuming and mopping, remote control to control the equipment, and long running time.


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