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How to prevent robot vacuum cleaners from getting stuck under furniture

A robot vacuum cleaner can help you clean your floors, but there are always many pieces of furniture at different heights in your home. It is likely that the vacuum cleaner will get stuck underneath while it is running. Why does the robot vacuum cleaner get stuck under furniture or elsewhere? If this problem occurs in your home, then there are many solutions.

Robot stuck under the sofa

When they are stuck under the furniture, you need to bend down and pull them out from under the furniture. Especially when they are in the innermost corner under the sofa, getting it out is a pain in the ass. There are ways to prevent this from happening.

Use furniture risers

The easiest and most practical way is to place furniture risers under the legs of the furniture. They are easy and inexpensive to purchase, and there are a variety of materials and sizes to choose from. Using it will leave some space under the furniture so that the vacuum cleaner can easily pass through and suck up the dust.

Set no-go areas

You can set furniture areas as off-limits through the app and it will not go to those areas for cleaning. Another way is to place a virtual wall under the furniture. This will also restrict the robot vacuum cleaner from entering dangerous areas. Physically, you can put an obstacle or cardboard between the furniture and the floor to make the robot change direction instead of trying to get in.

Clearing larger obstacles on the ground

If you have a lot of stuff on the floor, it's easy for the robot to get stuck. Clean up the space under the furniture every once in a while. Avoid screws, Lego and some sharp things that will appear.

Using the bumper extender

It is a tapered knob made of rubber (viewable on YouTube) that sticks to the front or top of the vacuum cleaner bumper. This extender will change direction by hitting furniture instead of going under it and getting stuck.

Using the bumper extender

Neatly arrange the wires

Robot vacuums have sensors to guide them through obstacles. But they can't always get past the wires cluttering the floor. Sometimes they get stuck on these wires too.

Other than that, there are some other ways. For example, leave the light on, pay more attention to it while cleaning, don't clean for too long, etc.

These are a few ways to prevent the robot vacuum cleaner from getting stuck under furniture, and they should work for most people. Again, make your floors as clean as possible before the vacuum cleaner goes to work.


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