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How to keep a vacuum cleaner quiet

We all know that owning a vacuum cleaner can make life easier, it brings us many conveniences and benefits. But it also has some drawbacks, the most important thing we care about is that it makes noise when cleaning. Of course, this may be because your vacuum cleaner version is too old or has been idle for a long time.

We talked before about why a vacuum cleaner makes noise. For example, because it has a powerful motor, it has metal blades and motors, the fan is broken, there is something on the brush, etc. So what are some ways we can keep the vacuum cleaner quiet?

Buy a new vacuum cleaner

Maybe it's because your vacuum cleaner is too old, so it's very noisy. And now there are many new, low-decibel vacuum cleaners on the market for you to choose from. You can compare and choose the lowest decibel vacuum cleaner.

Check parts

You can also double check your vacuum cleaner parts for signs of loosening. If there are loose parts, it can cause the vacuum cleaner to make more noise than usual. It is important to double check that they are tightened.

Change the position of the motor

The manufacturer can modify the size of the motor, but also change the position of the motor inside the vacuum. Although different models cause the position of the vacuum cleaner to be different, most motors are located far from the ground, which can make the vacuum cleaner very noisy. If the motor is placed close to the ground, the noise will be reduced. For example: a upright vacuum cleaner will be more noisy than a canister vacuum cleaner.

Miele canister vacuum cleaner with very little noise


If you really can't change it, then you can start with yourself. You can use noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs, which will help you block the noise.

Cleaning brush

Clean the brush regularly to prevent too much dirt from accumulating on it. Remove parts, remove tangled hair and debris from it, and finally rinse it with water. Once completely dry, put it back in and continue to use.


The noise of the vacuum cleaner can be a hassle for you. In this article, we mainly describe a few ways to reduce the noise of the vacuum cleaner. Reading this article, you can quickly reduce the vacuum noise in your home and improve your living environment.


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