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Ecovacs to launch lawn mower robots and commercial cleaning robots in 2023

At last year's press conference, Ecovacs announced the arrival of the era of home service robots 3.0 with the Deebot X1 OMNI. And this year, Ecovacs, a well-known brand in the field of home service robots, is expanding its production line. For the first time, it launched the intelligent lawn mower robot GOAT G1 and the DEEBOT PRO for commercial cleaning. Both products are expected to be available in China and Europe next year. At present, the pricing and release date in North America have not yet been determined.

The intelligent lawn mower robot GOAT G1 is the more interesting of the two. It is the first lawn mowing robot from Ecovacs. It is based on the original technology and provides a lawn mowing experience that works like a robot vacuum cleaner. Its core technology is a 360-degree panoramic camera, which can accurately locate your courtyard at the centimeter level. The GOAT G1 system also integrates ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless carrier communication, inertial navigation and GPS positioning for stable and reliable communication.

When using the Ecovacs for the first time, the G1 can initially draw your courtyard in less than half an hour. The GOAT G1 can process up to 6500 sq of lawn in one day, making the courtyard more beautiful. In addition, thanks to AIVI 3D technology composed of vision and ToF sensors. It can automatically identify obstacles and detect surrounding objects or creatures. And the GOAT G1 is a safety housekeeper robot, which can monitor your courtyard and improve safety. I believe that after it is launched in China and Europe in March next year, more people will experience this disruptive experience.

In this conference, Ecovacs also brings new ideas to the field of commercial cleaning. Different from GOAT G1, Deebot PRO is specially designed for commercial cleaning. For example, it can be used in office buildings, conference centers and large supermarkets. Compared with traditional robot vacuums, this robot is larger in size.

The DEEBOT PRO series provides two robots, M1 and K1, one large and one small. It is equipped with the first multi-machine cooperative system HIVE. This means that it can share data between teams, such as sending a group of robots to clean buildings, and others will know the details of where it has been cleaned and where it needs to be cleaned. And for the first time, DEEBOT PRO adopts a fully leased business model to reduce the cost of use for users. In Quarter 1 in 2023, DEEBOT PRO will officially enter various commercial spaces.

ommercial cleaning robots DEEBOT PRO K1, M1

Whether it is the robot vision solution pioneered by Covos or the robot multi-machine cooperative system HIVE developed by Covos, to a large extent, it reflects Covos' grasp of the future direction of the robotics industry.


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