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Can vacuum cleaners be recycled?

We know that the average use time of a vacuum cleaner is 8 years. Depending on the brand or how it is used, the usage time varies. No matter how long you use them eventually the vacuum cleaner will leave you. So where should they go? Leaving it on the curb is certainly not a good option anyway. So can it be recycled?

The answer is yes, there are many ways to dispose of it. You can put it in the recycling bin or sell the metal parts inside to the scrapyard. You can also DIY it yourself at home and make it into a decorative item. Secondly, you can also donate it and so on.

Most of its parts can be recycled in the recycling bin. For example, the rubber, wire and plastic inside. After they are recycled, the manufacturer will use them to make other things to sell again. Or you can recycle it yourself and take off the parts inside to use in different places. This will require you to do a complete disassembly of it yourself.

Sell the metal parts to the scrapyard. They will pay you some compensation depending on the type and weight of the metal. But they only recycle the metal parts and you need to find your own way to dispose of the rest. If they do not agree to separate the vacuum cleaner, then you should take only the metal to the recycling station.

You can also disassemble its functional parts for sale. This is because some old models of vacuum cleaners are hard to find in the market for its motor or other accessories. Before selling them, you have to make sure that they are in working order.

If you think it's too old, but it works, you can donate it. What you think is old may be very new to some people. You can find a charity organization in your area that accepts vacuum cleaners.

Do DIY on it yourself. you can disassemble all its parts and hollow it out. Then you will get a flower pot or a small open air fish pond.

Benefits of recycling vacuum cleaners

You can reduce e-waste, protect the earth's environment and if you take your kids to the recycling bin with you, then they will understand this too. If you are interested in this, you can watch this video on YouTube.

source: youtube


Maybe it was precious to you when you first bought it, but over time you'll want a new one. If you just throw it away, then it will have some impact on the environment. If you read this article, then there are many ways to dispose of your old vacuum cleaner.


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