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Can a vacuum cleaner kill bugs?

Have you ever seen bugs in your home? For example, spiders, cockroaches, ants, etc. They may live under the sofa or in any corner. When you find them, you may subconsciously step on it with your foot. Then the place will leave something disgusting that may make your hands dirty. If you don't want to use your hands, then a vacuum cleaner is a good choice for you. But is a vacuum really effective at killing bugs?

The suction of a vacuum cleaner is strong, but it may not be able to kill all bugs. If the exoskeleton of the bug is fragile, a vacuum cleaner can kill them. But a bug with a hard exoskeleton like a cockroach, it may survive.

The advantage of using a vacuum cleaner to kill bugs is that it is more environmentally friendly than killing bugs with pesticides, and it is very simple and fast, so you don't have to worry about the bugs coming back.

The type of vacuum cleaner is also important when it comes to killing bugs. Sucking bugs directly into the bag is more effective than sucking them into the vacuum tank. Because there will be dust accumulation in the vacuum bag, it can suffocate them. Before vacuuming, you can properly suck some talc, which will make the bugs suffocate faster in the vacuum bag.

The vacuum bag should be disposed of quickly after vacuuming, some bugs may also survive in the vacuum bag. Remove the vacuum bag and put it in a plastic bag to prevent various bugs trying to escape.

If you are worried that corners and crevices cannot be cleaned well. You can also use some accessory tools on the vacuum cleaner to help you, such as the crevice tool, which can help you vacuum small spaces and corners.

If you want to know if your vacuum is killing bugs, you can look for bug carcasses on vacuum bags, dust cans, or filters.


A vacuum cleaner will kill most bugs, even if it doesn't kill a cockroach-like bug, it will trap it in a confined space and you can get rid of it. If you find cobwebs or eggs anywhere in your home, suck it away as soon as possible.


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