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Bissell VS Shark: Which brand is better?

If you want to buy a high-quality vacuum cleaner, you have many options on the market. When you finally lock in Shark and Bissell, you can use this article to further compare them. Find out which machine is best for you.

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Bissell VS Shark:
Brand History

As the No. 1 vacuum cleaner brand in North America, Bissell has been focusing on household cleaning needs for 146 years. The company also provides homes for pets, and a portion of the proceeds is also used to help pets without owners.


Shark is also a leading brand in the vacuum market, known for its upright vacuum cleaners. Shark's parent company, Shark Ninja, is based in Massachusetts. Today, one of the multi-million dollar company's most successful product lines is the Shark line of vacuum cleaners.

Product range

Years of innovation and development have made its products cover all aspects of home cleaning. Such as vacuum cleaners, steam vacuums, sweepers, chemical cleaners and so on.


It not only produces robotic vacuum cleaners, but also a range of cordless upright vacuum cleaners, wired upright vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners, hand-held vacuum cleaners, etc. These vacuum cleaners are designed for different purposes.


In terms of price, Bissell's prices vary widely. You can buy it for tens to hundreds of dollars, while the high-end model of the shark is much more expensive. But when the type is the same, the price is not particularly different. But you can expect to pay tens of dollars more for a shark.


In terms of accessories, the two also provide a lot. For example, Shark will provide gap tools, pet tools, wands, etc., and you can clean lamps and corners at will. Bissell will provide 3-in-1 stair tools, wide mouth tools, and extension sticks.


The length of the shark's warranty varies depending on the type, and shark products have a 5-year warranty, including replacement and repair.

Bissell's warranty period also varies, but there is a minimum of 1 year warranty. However, the warranty registration must be completed online.


The biggest concern when buying a vacuum should be suction. If the suction isn't strong enough, it's useless. Shark has always marketed itself in this area, claiming to provide suction that never loses. And Bissell's suction is also good. But overall, shark suction is more advantageous overall, especially on thick pile carpets.

Pet hair

In terms of cleaning, they offer specialized vacuums for this task. But a Shark upright vacuum cleaner would be easier to maintain.

Dust collection container

The Bissell vacuum can hold about 1.8 liters of dust, and the shark can hold four liters or more. The shark is in the lead because it can vacuum longer between empties.


It's also easy to choose between the two, starting with your own needs. What do you care more about, suction or warranty? Each brand has similar performance, Bissell is lighter and easier to use. Shark work great on pet hair.


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