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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner product history introduction

It is well known that Xiaomi’s Mi sweeper products(Robotic Vacuum Cleaners) are very popular in some countries and markets, so the history of the development of Xiaomi sweeper products may not be clear to most people, today we will briefly introduce it.

The first generation of Xiaomi Mijia sweeper( Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner) was actually developed and designed by the now very famous Roborock, and then found a foundry to produce it, and Xiaomi was only responsible for marketing and distribution channels. The profit of the machine sold needed to be divided between the two companies, and the actual calculation showed that Xiaomi’s share of the profit was more than Roborock’s. This was obviously unacceptable to Roborock’s ambitious team, so Roborock stopped designing and developing new products for Xiaomi after helping Xiaomi to make the 1s model(Xiaomi  Mijia 1S Robot Vacuum), and launched its own Roborock branded sweeper instead(Roborock S5). 

xiaomi1c vacuum cleaner

xiaomi mijia 1c vacuum cleaner

At this time, Xiaomi, as an IOT company, was definitely not willing to completely give up the highly potential market of floor sweepers, so they needed to choose a new team to continue making floor sweeper products, so they chose Viomi and launched the representative product Vacuum Mop-P, meanwhile roborock also thoroughly used its own brand to make very bright results in the global market.

Viomi Series

Viomi SE vacuum Cleaner has the Laser SLAM

However, Viomi’s product development team is not as strong as Roborock’s, and there are some gaps in the performance of the designed products. Xiaomi later tapped the Dreame team and launched the Xiaomi 1C(Mi Robot Vacuum Mop, a very cost-effective product, which caused a strong response in the market. So we can also find that the accessories of Xiaomi 1C and Dreame F9 are almost completely common in the market. Because it is from the same team, using the same set of molds.

Dreame, a team whose core members now focus on vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers, does have a lot of room to grow with Xiaomi’s channels and marketing support, and it’s not impossible to become the second Roborock.

Now that Roborock is a $10 billion company, Xiaomi may support more potential startups to become the second or third Roborock on the floor sweeper track in the future.


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