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Xiaomi 1c (Mi Robot Vacuum Mop) teardown video

Although many people are already familiar with the product of sweeping robots, and even use it every day, many people actually know very little about the interior of such high-tech products. Why can these sweepers see the sofas and tables and chairs at home? And how do they ensure that they use a reasonable path to achieve home cleaning?

XiaoMi 1C Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Today we look at the teardown of Xiaomi 1c by XYZONE, a well-known electronics teardown team from Shenzhen, China. From this video you can clearly see the structure and main components of this product, as well as their amazing brains – various sensors and processors.

If you are interested, come and have a look!

XYZONE Team Teardown the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop

After carefully watching this disassembly video, did you figure out what is the visual navigation function? And know how the vacuum cleaner is to absorb dust how to filter and clean?

This device is manufactured by Dreame, next we will choose a laser-guided sweeper produced by Roborock team teardown video for you to see the difference between the two.


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