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Why many different brands and models of Robotic Vacuums accessories are compatible

When purchasing accessories, many users often find that one set of accessories is likely to be compatible with other models, and some are not even the same brand of equipment. For example, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is not only compatible with the Viomi V2/V3/V2Pro, which are also part of the Xiaomi eco-chain, but also with the Conga 3490, which is from the Cecotec brand.


Why? It is well known that China is the world’s factory, with a global super complete manufacturing system, so there is no doubt that in the field of intelligent floor sweepers, Chinese foundries also provide OEM and ODM manufacturing services for global brands.

The above mentioned products all come from the same Chinese company, 3irobotix , and the picture below shows the list of brands the company works with. In addition, we can also see Shark, Samsung and Proscenic and other world famous sweeper brands.

3irobotix Customers

According to sources, this Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is directly ODM by this company, that is to say, from the design and development link to manufacturing is their one-stop solution, the brand is only responsible for quality control and channel sales.

There are also some companies are from design and development to manufacturing and final sales are done by themselves, such as Ecovacs and Lexy, the two factories with manufacturing capabilities also do OEM and ODM services for other major brands.

These differences in business models usually don’t make much difference in terms of products, just the ability to have more options when purchasing third-party accessories.


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