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Why is a vacuum cleaner so hard to push?

The emergence of vacuum cleaners should make cleaning easier, not feel more tiring than sweeping and dragging the floor by yourself. You may find that vacuum cleaners are sometimes difficult to push, so they become very tiring. So this article will decipher this problem. What is the cause?

Why is the vacuum cleaner so hard to push?

We use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the floor. So it should be a free vacuum cleaner, not a vacuum that cannot be moved. Sometimes some of the resistance of the vacuum cleaner is so strong that you may not be able to push it forward at all.

So what is the main reason?

Height setting error

Today's vacuum cleaners have the ability to adjust the height setting, which allows you to clean different types of floors without damage. If you choose a floor type that is not suitable for you, for example: you cannot choose the height setting for bare floors on thick carpets. This will be difficult to push and may damage your carpets. Therefore, in order to protect the floor and facilitate the movement of the vacuum cleaner, you need to make sure that the height setting of the vacuum cleaner is correct.

The brush is stuck

The roller brush mainly removes dust and dirt from the carpet. If the brush gets stuck, it will be difficult to push the vacuum cleaner. When hair and pet hair get tangled on the brush, the brush cannot rotate well or does not rotate well. This requires you to check and clean up in time.

Belt is broken

If it's not the brush, then you should check the belt. A broken belt may make it difficult for your vacuum to push, so it needs to be replaced in time. Keep the vacuum running and tilt it a little to see if this is the problem. If it is, replace it in time, the replacement process is also very simple.

Carpets can also be a problem

Your carpet type may make it difficult for you to push the vacuum cleaner. If your carpet is plush and soft. Then the vacuum cleaner will require a lot of suction, which will make it difficult to move the vacuum cleaner.

Most vacuum cleaners will encounter this problem, such as: Dyson, Shark, Hoover vacuum cleaners, etc.


If you also encounter the problem that the vacuum cleaner is difficult to push, then you need to check in time and find out the cause. Don't force it to clean, it will not only be laborious, but may also damage your floor to some extent.


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