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Why does the vacuum cleaner overheat?

It's normal for a vacuum cleaner to emit a small amount of heat, but if you find it overheating, it's not normal. If it gets hot, you need to take some as soon as possible measures to fix it, otherwise a lot of bad things will happen. So why do vacuum cleaners overheat? Let's explore in this article.

There are many reasons why a vacuum cleaner overheats. E.g:

The motor is faulty. If the motor suffers some damage, it may cause the vacuum cleaner to overheat and cause it to fail completely. For example, motor failure or short circuit, if you think there is a fault, you need to contact a professional to help you.

The filter is clogged. If the filter is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, the filter will clog over time. After clogging, the airflow will also be relatively reduced, causing the vacuum cleaner to overheat as a whole.

The brush is clogged. If the brush is struggling to pick up dust or debris, the motor will rotate hard to make it work. If this happens, your vacuum will also overheat. The brush should be checked or cleaned regularly for tangles or damage. If so, clean and replace it in time.

Blocked hose. If there is a blockage in the hose, it will also limit the flow of air in and out. If there is a blockage in the vacuum, it will cause the motor to work harder than usual and may also cause the vacuum cleaner to overheat.

The vacuum cleaner is old. When your vacuum cleaner has been used for too long, The bearings in the motor will be worn by friction. This will make the vacuum cleaner work harder and cause it to overheat.

If you don't want your vacuum tube to overheat, you need to clean or replace the filter, replace the vacuum bag and empty the dust tank in time. Clean the brush and hose, and replace or repair the motor. The most important thing is to cool the vacuum in time so that it can take a break after working for a while.


Today's vacuum cleaners rarely overheat because they have a heat cut-off device. If your vacuum cleaner overheats, you can refer to the examples listed in this article for maintenance. Make it run normally.


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