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Why do vacuum cleaners spit out dirt?

Vacuum cleaners are used to keep your home hygienic, cleaning dust, debris, and other dirt that exists on your floor. But when you find it spit out what it sucks in, do you know what's causing it? In this article, we identify these reasons and propose solutions.

The bag is full

If your vacuum is a bag cleaner, the reason for the dirt to be spit out may be because the bag is full. When the vacuum bag is full, it will not hold other dust. So the newly vacuumed stuff has nowhere to store but spit it out. If the vacuum bag is full or damaged, you should replace it in time. Install it correctly to ensure that it does not spit out dust due to installation errors.

Filter clogged

If the filter is dirty, so will the spit. In order for the vacuum to blow out clean gas, you need to clean the filter. Check your filter before cleaning to see if it is washable or permanent. If it is not washable, then cleaning will reduce its performance. If it is washable, you can pat the dust off the filter first and then rinse it with water.

This is not to say that washable ones will perform as well as new after washing. If you find wear or damage, you need to replace it in time.

How to Change and Clean Filters

Check the vacuum cleaner for blockages

The most important thing to check is in hoses, brushes and dust collectors. You can use different methods to check these easily blocked areas, find the blockage and clear it. For example, when you want to check the vacuum hose for blockages, you can remove it. Use a stick to insert from one section to push the blockage out the other end.

The vacuum is broken

It's also possible that your vacuum is broken and the vacuum will spit things out. If only the parts inside are damaged, you can repair it yourself. But if it still has some problems, you need to seek professional help.

In summary:

There are many reasons why the vacuum cleaner will spit out dirt. For example, the vacuum bag is full, the hose and brush need to be cleaned, whether the filter needs to be replaced, etc. But there will be corresponding solutions. Remember these reasons and solve them correctly to stop your vacuum cleaner from spewing dirt.


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