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Why can't the Roomba find the base?

The Roomba needs to return to the base after vacuuming, and of course when it needs to be charged. Of course, on the latest models, it can also empty the trash bin. Of course, this is what happens when it can find the base. It's possible that your Roomba can't find the base, so it can't charge or empty the trash bin. So why can't the Roomba find the base? This article will study this problem.

Why can't the Roomba find the base?

If your Roomba can't find the base, there are many reasons for this to happen. E.g:

There are many obstacles around or in front of the base.

Maybe it's because you placed the base near the stairs.

Your Roomba is not connected to a wireless network, or the WiFi signal is weak.

It may also be that you have moved the base from its original position to another place.

The base is inserted into a faulty socket or the plug is not inserted tightly, which will cause the base to have no electricity.

So how should this problem be solved?

Do not move the base at will. This problem also occurs if you place the base on a different floor.

Clean all obstacles around the base. You need to leave enough space for the vacuum cleaner around the base for it to move. If an obstacle is too close to the charging station, it will block the parking sensor. It is best to leave a distance of half a meter on each side and a space of about 1.5 meters in front of you.

Source: Vacuumtester

Check the power supply to the base. In most cases, the power supply is an important issue. Check that the power cord plug is plugged into the socket correctly and that the power cord is very close to the socket.

Clean the sensor on the base. With this sensor, the Roomba can find its way to the base very well. If the sensor is not cleaned in time and it is dirty, the vacuum cleaner will not recognize it. You need to gently wipe the sensor with a clean fiber cloth, and also clean the sensor on the Roomba. If it's ok, you also need to clean the Roomba itself regularly.

Check the WiFi signal. A stable WiFi link is required.

If you still can't find the way to the base in the end, you can reset the Roomba. But this will make all your previous settings disappear and require you to set them again.

Source: Vacuumtester


If your Roomba can't find its way home, it may be due to dirty sensors, weak WiFi signal, obstacles near the base, etc. You need to check it carefully and clean it.


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