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Why are some Alibaba suppliers not responding to your messages?

This is a post from a netizen on Quora:

As professional Alibaba sellers, we have provided the following response to this issue in hopes of helping more people.


techTongBo is a professional Seller on Alibaba B2B Business
Alibaba is the world's largest B2B procurement platform.

There are probably some reasons for this situation.

  • Due to the time difference, when you send a message, the other party may be outside of working hours and may not reply to you promptly.

  • Your personal information is too limited, and your account registration time is very recent. There is no company or business information available. It's difficult for this kind of buyer to attract the seller's interest. Many times, they are unwilling to waste their time and energy on such business opportunities.

  • The question you are inquiring about has nothing to do with the products they sell. Many buyers simply don't understand what kind of product the other party is selling and ask questions that have no meaningful response.

  • Seller's salesperson may have their own reasons, such as being too busy with work to reply in a timely manner, or they might have assessed your account and determined that you are not their target customer.

We, techTongBo, have been a seller on Alibaba for over 5 years. We have sufficient platform experience, so I will give you some advice to try to avoid this kind of problem.

  • Improve your Alibaba account by filling in all the information that accurately reflects your purchasing power, from your name to company details to email. This can effectively increase the trust level of sellers towards you.

  • When initiating an inquiry or chatting directly with TM, avoid using template-style communication methods because sellers have seen these contents many times (such as "I am very interested in this product"), which makes it difficult to arouse their interest.

  • Be more specific about your procurement goals, and don't directly ask the other party to send you the entire product list. This makes people feel that your goals are not clear enough, which means that your specific requirements for purchasing products are still unclear.

  • Warm and polite, there is no one on this earth who doesn't like courteous and enthusiastic people. If you express your sincerity in writing, sellers can also feel it. They will do their best to provide you with assistance and service.

Finally, we hope that there can be more mutual understanding between buyers and sellers, so as to minimize the information gap between both parties and create better business value.


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