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What to do when buying accessories for your Robot sweeper on AliExpress

Many households own a vacuum cleaner or Robot sweeper, and one common feature of these appliances is that they require frequent replacement of key parts to ensure continued service. Therefore, the purchase of related spare parts becomes one of the expenses of many households.

 AliExpress belongs to Alibaba Group

AliExpress belongs to Alibaba Group

As we can see from the official channels, many accessories are very expensive, so there is some room for third-party manufacturers to survive in the market, with some cost-effective quality accessories to meet the daily needs of most users. AliExpress is a huge marketplace, so how do you find the right accessories for your device on AliExpress? Let’s talk about this topic today.

First of all, the most important thing is to confirm your equipment model, because many sweeper products have very similar names, plus the text and translation errors in different countries around the world, if you use the name to search is undoubtedly a very risky choice. So, using the device model number to identify is the best way.

xiaomi1c vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi 1c with it’s Water Tank

Normally, the model name of the device is on the nameplate at the bottom of the device, which is usually a combination of English letters and numbers and is very easy to identify. For example, the model numbers of Mi Robot Vacuum Mop are STYTJ01ZHM (Chinese version) and SKV4093GL (international version), and it is more effective to use the model number as a keyword when searching for accessories.

Secondly, you can do the basic distinction through the pictures of the merchant’s products, against their own equipment accessories, take a look at the seller’s pictures in the outline of the accessories have been, some interface details are similar, if not quite the same that there is a high probability that you got it wrong yourself.

Then again, some people will say why some sellers’ accessories can be adapted to several different brands and models of equipment at the same time? This issue will be explained in detail after some time, in fact, there is only one reason is that most of the world’s sweepers and vacuum cleaners products are produced by several factories in China. So many times some brand owners choose the standard products from the factory and put their own brand logo on them to make money.

The last question is why these third-party accessories can be priced so much cheaper than the official ones? Do these accessories really work?

The answer is yes, because these accessories are somehow not too high technical threshold, so many factories can imitate, as long as the processing accuracy and the original product control in an acceptable range, then these main brush, side brush and mop are not too difficult to do. Choose a good service store to buy it.

So why I did not say “filter”, yes, the filter may be a little different, although many sellers on the market claim that their filter accessories are also HEPA material, but it is clear that the cost savings make these alternatives may not be as good as the original product, these need me to talk to you in advance.

Well, I’m going to talk about buying sweeper parts here, and then we’ll slowly talk about other related issues. If you have any questions you can always give me a message.


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