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Some of the best-selling sweeper accessories in our store

As a company that specializes in selling accessories for vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers, we sell thousands of dollars of accessories every day. A simple analysis of these accessory sales is the three top selling models in our store.

xiaomi1c vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi 1c with it’s Water Tank

  1. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop(also named Xiaomi 1C

  2. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop P (also named Xiaomi Mijia LDS

  3. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Essential (also named Xiaomi G1)

Yes, the accessories for these three products are selling very well in our store, and most of the customers from Europe, especially Russia and Spain, buy these three models.To this effect, we have also strengthened our supply chain to ensure a continuous supply of these low-priced and reliable accessories to consumers around the world during the Chinese New Year.

Many buyers buy these three vacuum cleaner accessories mainly due to Xiaomi’s extreme cost-performance strategy, which sells the sweeping robot products to more households through a very competitive price, making it possible for low-income groups to enjoy the convenience brought by modern technology.

In the future, Xiaomi will launch more inexpensive products, and we will follow up on their accessory development.


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