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Shark vs Roomba: Which is better?

The advent of vacuum cleaners has freed people from tedious chores and made life easier and easier. You can set your vacuum to clean by itself, when you are working or resting. When you are shopping for a vacuum cleaner, you end up picking Shark and Roomba brands. You will find a lot of different opinions online, but which is better for you?

iRobot launched the Roomba in the market in 2002, and the Roomba is distributed and sold by iRobot. Its price may be a little high, but they have high-end technology and design, and are also easy to use.


Shark is also a leading brand in the vacuum market, known for its upright vacuum cleaners. But it doesn't just make robotic vacuums, it also has a range of cordless upright, corded upright, canister, handheld, and more. These vacuums are designed for different uses.


The difference between Shark vs Roomba
Battery life

When choosing a robot vacuum, one of the considerations should be battery life. The average Roomba runs for about 90 minutes on a hard floor, and it will go back and charge itself when it runs low. And some shark vacuums have an average run time of 120 minutes, which is more suitable for large families. But how well you maintain your battery can also affect its lifespan. Of course, it also depends on whether your home is floor or carpet. Because vacuuming on carpet will reduce uptime.

Trash bin capacity

The standard litter box for a Roomba is 0.5 liters, while a shark litter box is about 0.43 liters. But shark ions are good at compressing dust, so it can hold a lot of trash. The size of the litter box doesn't matter, as both of them offer self-emptying.


In terms of price, the Roomba will be slightly more expensive than the Shark. This may be because while the Shark is strong in the upright vacuum cleaner space, it is not a huge competitor in the robotic vacuum cleaner space.


The Shark offers better functionality at a low price. It also has models that specialize in collecting pet hair, which also have self-cleaning brushes that the Roomba doesn't have. The Shark's mapping function is also more efficient than the Roomba. The Shark vacuum can be controlled via the Shark app and Wi-Fi. Detection is present in all Roomba models. Its high-end models can also set exclusion zones, clean different rooms at different times, and more.

Which Roomba VS shark is better for you?

Which one to choose depends on your floor type and whether you have pets, but also on your own needs and budget. There is no big difference between the two, and you need to judge for yourself.


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