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Roomba vs Dyson: which brand is better?

Roomba and Dyson are popular vacuum cleaner brands on the market. Roomba is known for its robot vacuum cleaners, while Dyson is known for its Upright and canister models. To help you decide which brand or model to buy, let's compare Roomba and Dyson.


The Roomba is a line of consumer-focused autonomous robotic vacuums sold by iRobot. The Roomba is iRobot's most successful model, first introduced in 2002. It is a small bagless vacuum with a photovoltaic battery and an infrared sensor. Work at the same time to clean the room, and in a dangerous place, the sensor will make it stop.


Dyson is a famous brand in Singapore and is sold in more than 65 countries around the world. Cyclone technology is used in Dyson vacuum cleaners. He invented the world's first bagless vacuum cleaner and won an award at the 1991 International Design Fair. A few years later, Dyson started his company and has since become a market leading brand. Now they also make hair dryers, air purifiers and more.

The difference between Roomba and Dyson:


The Roomba relies on iAdapt's responsive navigation technology for deep cleaning. Anti-tangling technology prevents it from getting stuck in the carpet. Dyson uses cyclone separation technology to remove allergens, dust and other particles from the air.


In terms of products, the two are also different. The Roomba is mainly a cordless autonomous vacuum cleaner, while Dyson has multiple categories. Such as upright, canister, hand-held, corded and robotic vacuums, etc. In addition, Dyson also sells other types of consumer goods.


Depending on the model, the price varies greatly. Buying a Roomba will cost you about 300-1000 US dollars. For example, the current Roomba s9 + is about 1000 US dollars. And the Roomba 675 is about 300 US dollars to get. The Dyson is more expensive, but its functions and performance will be more complete.

Dyson's navigation will be better, the suction will be higher, and the wheels will be more durable.

The Roomba's clean base would be better, as well as it has a HEPA filter.


The Roomba will be a little cheaper than the Dyson, but they have different features. But they are roughly the same in popularity in the market. Whoever you choose can provide you with a great cleaning experience. If your budget is not a lot, then the Roomba will be more suitable for you.


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