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Roomba side brush not spinning

Compared to vacuum cleaners such as upright and canister, robot vacuum cleaners take up very little space. It is more convenient to store it anywhere, so it has become a good cleaning helper for most households. But you may find that the Roomba side brush suddenly does not rotate when cleaning, which is a problem that Roomba users often face during use. So what is the reason for this problem? How should I solve it?

Start with a basic inspection of the Roomba to see if there is hair or debris tangling in the side brush. If so, it will prevent the brush from spinning. This is more likely to happen especially if you have pets at home.

But it's a simple problem that just requires you to do some cleaning. You can use scissors or a small screwdriver as your helper to remove the tangles from the side brush and the brush will spin again.

In some cases, the side brush does not rotate may also be due to the need to replace the side brush module. After you replace the side brush module, check the motor of the vacuum cleaner. If the motor is broken, the brush will not rotate again. Then replacing the motor becomes the only way to rotate the brush, which won't take you long.

If you find that the side brush is worn or damaged, you need to replace it in time. The replacement process is also very simple. You can buy a replacement brush on its own website or on Amazon and AliExpress. In order to ensure its best performance, you need to buy the model that fits it. Finally, according to how often you use the Roomba, replace the side brush every 6-12 months.


Roomba side brushes can not rotate for many reasons. The easiest way is to check and clean Roomba side brushes. If cleaning the side brushes doesn't work, you need to see if there is a problem with the motor. In addition, regular maintenance is required. Especially for moving parts such as side brushes, ensure that the robot vacuum is always in top condition.


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