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Roomba i7+ doesn't empty the bin

Many people who have bought a Roomba may have experienced the problem of not being able to empty the litter box, and they don't even see the option to empty the litter box in the app. When the Roomba doesn't empty the litter box, it can cause some problems, so what is the reason for not emptying the litter box?

Clean base blockage

If there is any blockage in the cleaning base, then your Roomba will not be able to empty the litter box. Also, if the vacuum bag in the base is full of dust, then it will also stop working. First, you need to check if the vacuum bag is full of dust. If so, you can reposition a new bag to make sure it works properly. Generally, a bag can last for a few weeks, but you need to replace it before it is full.

Secondly, check whether there is a blockage in the evacuation port. It is best to clean this part to prevent dust accumulation.

Clean charging touchpoints and sensors

Both the Roomba i7+ and the cleaning base station have charging touchpoints and sensors. If it is dirty, it may affect the reception capacity of the base station. You can wipe them with a rag, or you can use some detergent to clean them. When these parts are working normally, it will automatically empty the trash can.

Is there an evacuation port?

When the Roomba i7+ is docked with the cleaning base, the dirt from the dumpster is transferred to the cleaning base through the evacuation port. This may happen if you purchased a cleaning base that is not compatible with the Roomba. If your Roomba is an older model, you can choose to buy a new Roomba.

If none of the above exists in your Roomba, then you may need to call customer service for help.


There may be several reasons for the Roomba i7+ not emptying the litter box. Either way, this requires you to clean the vacuum regularly, including some small details. Failure to empty can be a common Roomba i7+ problem, not only for these reasons, but also because of setup issues.


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