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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner LDS Module Teardown

Yesterday we introduced a video of the XYZONE team tearing down the Xiaomi 1c sweeping robot, from which you can see that the machine uses a visual navigation design, which is not quite the same as the LIDAR navigation we commonly see before, so what is LIDAR navigation like? Today we will find a video dedicated to dismantling the LDS module of the sweeper to see what it is: 

What inside a Lidar Scanner

The title of the video introduces that this is the LDS module from one of Xiaomi’s sweeper devices, which is likely to be Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Generation 1 or 1S according to the time inference, because most of the accessories of these two devices are generic, developed and designed by Roborock, and finally produced by the foundry purchasing parts, so theoretically this should be the finished parts purchased.

The second half of the video is the blogger through the characteristics of the LDS, DIY a device to display the visualization of radar scanning results, you can clearly see the LDS module work when the scan to the surrounding conditions of the graphics, but also to help many people better understand the workings of this product.

If you are interested, you should watch it carefully!


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