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Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner models makes you confused?

How to distinguish between so many Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner?We have reminded the majority of consumers more than once that Xiaomi has launched a number of sweeping robot products in the naming of extremely similar names, it is easy to get confused. But many people are not clear about this, so it is easy to make mistakes when buying the corresponding accessories, today I am here once again to help you sort out the distinction between Xiaomi’s sweeper products.

Xiaomi 1st Gen

Xiaomi 1st Gen Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The first generation of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, a product designed and developed by Roborock (OPM), manufactured by Sunwoda  and sold by Xiaomi under a label. Its English name is Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, and the commonly seen model name is SDJQR01RR.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S

Xiaomi 1S

The Xiaomi Mi 1s is an enhanced version of the previous one, with the English name Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1S and the model name SDJQR03RR. Since Roborock is responsible for the design and development of both machines, they are almost universal in terms of accessories. As you can see from the picture comparison, the 1S has an additional camera and a new visual navigation function.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop

Xiaomi 1C

The xiaomi 1C is the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop , a sweeper that relies entirely on visual navigation and does not have LDS laser navigation, so it is much cheaper. But it has a mopping function, so it is still relatively practical. Its model number is STYTJ01ZHM, and it is manufactured by Dreame, a Xiaomi eco-chain company, on an OEM basis. The Xiaomi 1T (Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro+ model name STYTJ02ZHM) released by Xiaomi not long ago is also from Dreame, so it is also universal in terms of accessories.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential

Xiaomi G1

The English name of Xiaomi G1 is Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential model name is MJSTG1, which is designed and manufactured (ODM) by another sweeper manufacturing company Shenzhen SilverStar.The biggest advantage of this machine is that it is cheap, it has neither LDS laser navigation nor visual navigation, relying on gyroscopic inertial navigation and infrared collision deceleration to achieve the so-called intelligent planning and cleaning. You can imagine that its experience will be a little worse than other models.

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

After Roborock’s intention to break away from Xiaomi, Xiaomi supported the eco-chain company Viomi to help them produce the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P. The model number of this device is STYJ02YM, so its accessories are compatible with Viomi’s V2 V2 Pro V3 and even SE.

Mijia Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro

“米家扫拖机器人 Pro – Mijia Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro

Xiaomi recently launched another Mijia Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro model name MJSTS1, which is suspected to be the same manufacturer as the G1, but it’s not sure yet.

Today we introduce you to Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner products, have you figured it out? When buying accessories must pay attention, do not buy the wrong!


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