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How to vacuum walls and ceiling?

Do you want to know how to clean walls or ceilings? There may be some cobwebs and dust on walls or ceilings, so vacuuming is the easiest way to clean them. You can use vacuum attachments, extension sticks or hoses, etc., without damaging walls and ceilings.

Vacuum and removing dust from walls

First of all, before you start vacuuming these areas, you need to remove all decorations and hanging photos from the walls. These items will also have dust on them, and you can wipe them with a rag. If you are afraid that the furniture will get dirty, you can cover it with unwanted sheets or blankets. You can throw it away after cleaning.

Then find the right accessories for your vacuum, such as extension sticks and brush accessories. Once found, connect them tightly.

If you want to clear ceiling or wall heights, you can add an extension stick, or an extension hose that can reach ceiling height. Once connected, you can turn on the vacuum cleaner to vacuum. Bring the attachment close to where you want to clean and move it slowly, moving it up and down as you go. Most vacuums have brush attachments. You need to have a narrow brush that can go into a tight space and a wide brush that can cover more area. If your walls are wallpaper or have some texture, you will need to use a round vacuum brush.

Use accessories to clean walls

When you vacuum the ceiling, there may be some dust scattered on the walls or floor. So when vacuuming, vacuum from the top down to make sure you suck all the dust away. Also be sure to pay attention to your feet and don't hit anything.

How often do you vacuum walls and ceilings?

In most cases, ceilings and walls only need to be vacuumed two or three times a year. And the cleaning process is easy, maybe easier than you think. Be sure to use the correct accessories and remember to vacuum from the top down. Doing this will keep your home clean at all times.


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