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How to use a Chinese version Roborock S7 MaxV out of China

Recently Roborock launched its latest model, S7 MaxV, which has caught the eyes of many consumers. This robot is very impressive and very comprehensive, and can be considered the flagship model of the year 2022. But unfortunately, there are some countries where users cannot buy this machine in time.

roborock s7 maxv series

Roborock Official Website

Some non-Chinese users have solved this problem by buying from China, but using the Chinese version of the machine overseas can have a very troublesome problem: the app cannot be used directly because of regional restrictions.

We have provided another similar solution before, but this one looks different today, so we’re releasing it again to help you solve the problem better.

  1. Step zero: make sure your phone has been rooted (Android Phone Only)

  2. Step two: get a China VPN, I used flyVPN from google play store and bought one month subscription, it’s not free (You can also try to use other VPN services that can provide servers in mainland China)

  3. Step three: install vpn hotspot from github (Requires you to know some basic programming knowledge)

  4. Step four: turn on the vpn, make sure it’s global mode, not app mode 

  5. Step five: share your vpn via hotspot in the vpn hotspot app

  6. Step six: profit, connect your bot to the hotspot you just created, and you will notice the region lock is gone, and you can control it with any phone, it doesn’t have to be on China VPN, and the timezone is also set to your local timezone as well. 

I hope this solution can help you to solve this issue. Also, in China the name of this series of machines is not the same, they are called Roborock G10S Series.


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