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How to Stop Pets from Chasing Vacuum Cleaners

Some pets can be a little weird, not only will they not be afraid, but they will even find it funny when the vacuum cleaner is running. When you press the switch, it will chase the path of the vacuum cleaner, making cleaning a little difficult. So how can you stop pets from disturbing the work of the vacuum cleaner?

Why do pets chase vacuum cleaners?

It may find the vacuum cleaner interesting, be curious about it, or think the vacuum cleaner is its toy. It could also be that it's excited because it thinks the vacuum cleaner has entered its territory and is scared.

Ways to keep pets away from vacuum cleaners

You can let your pet play outside while vacuuming. If your home has a yard, let your dog out for free before vacuuming you. This way you can vacuum well without worrying about being disturbed.

Keep your pet alone in a room. If your pet is a cat and you don't want him to go out alone, fence him in the house. Give him some snacks to keep him quiet. When you're done vacuuming, you can reward him with some more snacks.

Or you can spray some water on it and say "No". Make the pet think it's not a toy, it's a scary thing.

As a pet owner, you can also train your pet to stay in one place quietly while you use the vacuum cleaner. When you start running the device, it may still be reluctant to approach, and you have to make it stop. Commands will let the pet know what he should do, or what you are not satisfied with, so that his attention is all on you, not the vacuum cleaner. But this is a thing that takes time and patience, not a few days to fully train. But in the long run, it is a worthwhile thing to do.


In doing these things, you are right to give your pet some rewards. Train him as seriously as possible to make it clear that he is not allowed to chase the vacuum cleaner.


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