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How to improve the suction of a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners can clean floors, carpets, and any surface, as well as dirt such as pet hair, dust, and food scraps. It can meet almost all your cleaning needs, but over time, its suction is no longer as strong as it was the first time you used it. We talked about why vacuums lose their suction before, so today we take a look at how to improve their suction.

Source: Shark

This problem is very common and can occur in every home. If you plan to buy a new machine to replace it, it is useless. Because soon your new machine will lose suction just like the old one. You can only improve it better if you know why it lost suction.

A few cleaning tips will help your vacuum work like new.
Empty the vacuum bag or dust box

Regularly emptying the bag or dust box is important to improve the suction of the vacuum cleaner, which is a wise idea. The fill line for the bagged vacuum is on the vacuum bag, and the fill line for the bagless vacuum is on the front. Pay more attention to the fill line, once the hair, dust and other debris fill the fill line. That means there is no extra place to collect things, and you need to empty it. For a vacuum bag, it may look like it's not filled, but you still want to check the fill line.

Use the correct settings

There are hundreds of models of vacuum cleaners today, and many people don't know what the regular buttons do. The second way to improve suction is to use the right settings. For example, if you're vacuuming a hard floor or tile floor, you just need to set low or medium suction; this type of floor requires a lower height setting because the vacuum cleaner has more suction when it's close to the floor. You can choose the "bare floor" setting.

Make sure the vacuum cleaner is well sealed

For canister and upright vacuums, airflow enters through openings at the top and bottom of the hose. This is the only place where airflow enters the vacuum. If there is airflow elsewhere, it is not a vacuum. You should check the vacuum to find where the air is leaking and tighten it. Or see if there is a blockage (debris, hair, etc.) blocking the path.

Cleaning brush

The rotation of the brush creates suction and also improves the cleaning ability of the vacuum cleaner. It is better to remove the brush frequently for cleaning, and it is better to fully clean the rotation. Especially when cleaning carpets, there will be a lot of dirt attached, which can be very challenging for the vacuum cleaner. So clean often.


Through this article you have learned how to improve the suction of your vacuum cleaner. When you find that the suction of your vacuum cleaner has dropped, you can try these methods to help it increase the suction.


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