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How to Clean a Bissell Vacuum Cleaner?

As the No. 1 vacuum cleaner brand in North America, Bissell has been providing solutions for a variety of home needs for 146 years. But you will find that like any vacuum cleaner, you need to clean it after a period of use. This article will introduce how to clean Bissell vacuum cleaners.

Before you start cleaning, you need to disconnect all power supplies. Prepare some things you need for cleaning, such as fiber cloth, scissors, screwdrivers, etc.

Take upright and canister vacuums, for example.
Empty the canister

Depending on the model, there may be a line on Bissell's dust cans, and when you reach this line, you will need to empty the dust cans. Place the dust can above the trash can and push the button to dump the trash. Then rinse the dust can with water to make it clean.

Easy Empty Dirt Tank

Clean brush

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the bracket and remove the brush, making sure the belt is removed from the brush roll. Use scissors to cut the tangled hair off the brush, making sure the ends of the brush are free of hair and debris. Wash the brush and brush roll chamber with warm water and wait until completely dry before reassembling. Regularly clean the brush to prevent it from getting tangled in the hair, which can also extend the life of the belt.

Clean filter

A filter is one of the important functions of any vacuum cleaner. A clogged filter reduces suction and can also affect the performance of the vacuum cleaner. The filter is removable and can be gently squeezed in mild soapy water to release dust. Then rinse with warm water until completely clean. Make sure the filter is dry before assembling. Remember not to wash the pleated or rear motor filters. These filters can be lightly tapped to remove dirt and can be replaced every three to six months.

Washable Filter

Wipe internal cyclone

Some models have internal cyclones that can be disassembled and cleaned. Clean it with a damp cloth, dry it and assemble it back.

Wipe off external dust

After all the accessories are assembled, the external dust of the entire vacuum cleaner can be wiped. Including the bottom of the trash can.


If you own a Bissell vacuum, it's really important to clean it regularly. In the process, there will also be some small details that are overlooked, hopefully this article can help you learn to clean Bissell.


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