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How to clean a bagless vacuum filter

Although bagless vacuums play an important role in cleaning your home, their filters are very easy to get dirty. Because they ensure that the dust is picked up by the vacuum and goes into the dust cup, and they also ensure that the dust does not return to the air. So the filter can easily clog or get dirty. When this happens, you may want to buy a new filter. Because this may be easier than cleaning it, but cleaning the filter of a bagless vacuum cleaner may be easier than you think.

Before cleaning, you need to know that most bagless vacuums have multiple filters that you need to find and clean. And there are many types of filters, such as foam filters, disk filters, and cartridge filters.

Source: SmartVacuumGuide

If you want to clean the filter, you should rinse it with clean water. Generally speaking, the pressure of tap water can wash away the dirt and debris on it. Before cleaning, you can also knock it next to the trash can to remove conspicuous dust. Then rinse with clean water, or you can wash it with mild soapy water or detergent. But you must wait until it is completely dry before reassembling. If it is not dry, it may cause mold to appear in the vacuum cleaner.

If it is a filter that cannot be washed, it is also very simple to clean. You can use some tools, such as a brush, to help you. For a filter that cannot be cleaned, you cannot use water or other liquids to contact it. Because this will damage the filter. You can only gently tap it next to the trash can and use a brush to gently brush the internal dirt. After cleaning, put the filter back.

How often should it be cleaned?

Every brand of vacuum cleaner manufacturer will give you some advice on how often and how to clean your filter. You can find these in the included vacuum manual. In general, how often you clean your filter should depend on how often you use it and what type you use. Most filters are cleaned or replaced every three months on average, and if you use it frequently, you should also change it frequently.


Whether your vacuum bagless vacuum cleaner's filters are washable or non-washable, they need to be checked and replaced regularly. If your filter is clean, your vacuum will also have good suction.


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