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How overseas users can use the mainland China version of Roborock S7 / T7 Robot

As we all know, mainland China is the world’s factory, where there is the world’s most complete manufacturing facilities and super strong supply chain system, so many industrial products are Made in China.Today we are going to discuss such a machine: Roborock S7 is the name of this product outside of mainland China, where it is named Roborock T7 series.

Roborock S7 White and Black Edition

Roborock S7 Robot

However, with the development of mobile Internet, many products need to be networked so as to get a more powerful functional experience, and once it comes to network applications, many times there are some differences between mainland China’s policies and overseas, which causes some problems in the use experience.

Internet Control App for Roborock S7

Roborock S7 App Control

The most obvious thing is that some intelligent sweeping robots sold exclusively in mainland China are difficult to use properly if you take them outside of China, and many consumers have encountered this problem. If you take the T7 outside of China, you can’t use the mobile app to operate it, so it’s like losing 80% of the functions of a smart floor sweeper. So what should you do?

A netizen living in Australia summed up a method after many attempts that can help people who encounter this problem to solve the embarrassment.

  1. Installation of the Mi Home App on the cell phone.App Store Download Link / Google Play Download Link

  2. The region of the phone is set to China.

  3. The time zone of the phone is set to GMT+8 (Beijing time in China).

  4. Use a Chinese cell phone number to obtain a verification code to log in to the App.

If you meet several of the above conditions will be a great success, but of course it seems that there are some entries inside are difficult, such as setting it to the time zone of China, which means that the time displayed on your device is not the same as the country you are in life will be a lot of trouble, so it is recommended that you use a less common device to set up as a device to control the Roborock T7 / S7.

Then you need a Chinese cell phone number, indeed this will be more difficult, because mainland China’s cell phone numbers are now required to bind with personal identity cards, want to get a relevant cell phone number or not easy, if you have a friend living in mainland China to help you should be easier.

Finally, we still remind you not to easily buy electronic equipment that is not for your country’s market, because many times some policy factors will cause you to spend money to buy back the equipment does not work properly, so the feeling is very bad.


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