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Clean the vacuum filter

We use vacuum cleaners to clean all parts of our home, removing dirt, dust and food scraps from carpets, floors, sofas, and cabinets. If you want to keep your vacuum clean all the time, you have to clean the filters.

If the filter is not cleaned for a long time, dust and dirt will clog it. This results in a drop in suction and affects the performance of the vacuum cleaner. Keeping the filter free of clogging is one way to ensure the best performance of the vacuum cleaner.

So how do you clean the filter?

Foam filter

If it's a foam filter, soak it in warm water and let it sit for a few minutes. Squeeze repeatedly to release any dirt. Wash a few more times until the water is clear. Then squeeze the water out and let it air dry for at least 24 hours. Dry and put it back in to reassemble the vacuum cleaner.

Cartridge filter

This filter is usually a round, wrinkled cylinder. Generally speaking, it is disposable. But if you clean it regularly, its life will be extended accordingly. It is also more convenient to clean. You can use it to gently tap the edge of the trash can to make it drop some dust. You can wash it in water to make it cleaner. Removing dust from the cartridge filter can improve the ability of air to pass through.

HEPA filter

If your vacuum has a HEPA filter, it must be the toughest working environment. It can capture 99.97% of dust particles, and the smallest dust is difficult to pass through. It is also not washable, it is made of fibers. When you find them dirty, you need to buy a new filter to replace it. There are some inexpensive alternatives on Amazon.

If you want to keep your vacuum cleaner performing well all the time, you need to clean the filter frequently. Check if your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced when emptying your trash bin. It is best to replace it every 6-9 months.


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