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Can robot vacuums work in the dark?

Robot vacuum cleaners could make our lives easier, move by themselves and suck up all the dust and dirt. Gives us more time to do other things without hands at all. But if it's dark and you're not home and there's no light, will it continue to clean your home? In this article, we will discuss.

Some vacuum cleaners don't work properly without enough light. For example, the Roomba 900 series, Dyson 360 Eye, etc.

So can a vacuum cleaner work in the dark?

Most robotic vacuums on the market today have sensors, and some have headlights. This combination allows them to operate in dark or low light, and also see where they are going. These sensors help the vacuum cleaner avoid obstacles and run well even in dark environments. If your home loses power, don't worry. Because it runs for about an hour or more, it can clean your home very well.

When it's dark, it tells you something that means there's not enough light.

It might tell you it's stuck, but it's not.

Tells you that you need to clean its cameras/sensors, even if they are clean.

How much light does a robot vacuum need to clean?

It's important for vacuums to have a constant light source. Robotic vacuums with camera technology don't need much light, and some have lidar or laser sensors installed on them to help them clean in the dark.


Robotic vacuums can work in the dark, depending on the type of sensor. If your vacuum has lidar, optical sensors, it doesn't need the help of lights or the sun. If you want to make sure your robot can operate in the dark, you should use a robot vacuum cleaner with laser navigation.


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