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Can you vacuum cat litter?

Anyone who owns a cat at home knows that cleaning the litter box is not an easy task. The kitten will take the litter out after going to the toilet and get it all over the place. Once the day comes to change cat litter, cleaning can become a hassle. We have to clean all the litter on the floor or carpet, so can a vacuum do it?

Vacuuming cat litter with a regular vacuum is not a good thing, it may damage your vacuum. Small cat litter may clog the vacuum cleaner's filter and damage the motor to some extent. If you want to vacuum your cat litter, you need to use a powerful vacuum.

What damage will vacuuming cat litter cause to the vacuum cleaner?

Litter clumps when the cat urinates. You may miss some small pieces of litter when you clean it up. After this litter is sucked away by the vacuum cleaner, it clogs the filter, which reduces suction. Blocking the filter can also overheat the motor.

Cat litter also fills with a lot of dust over time. The buildup of dust can damage the inside of the vacuum and can get into the motor and damage it. If your vacuum is expensive, fixing the motor is also expensive.

Cat litter can have odors and bacteria. If you vacuum cat litter and then go to other places, you may leave smelly air behind.

Cleaning cat litter from carpets can also be difficult. Tiny cat litter can easily hide in the fibers of carpets and is almost impossible to remove. Your best bet is to use a strong suction vacuum and vacuum slowly to make sure you can collect more cat litter.

Which vacuum cleaner is probably a good way to clean cat litter?

All high-suction vacuums can pick up cat litter, even better if they have a HEPA filter. Examples are Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E and Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum. These vacuums are specially designed for pets and have strong suction. Small pieces of cat litter can be captured, preventing them from damaging the vacuum.


A vacuum cleaner can clean cat litter, but it has the function of high suction. There are a few things to consider when vacuuming cat litter with a vacuum cleaner. The type and size of the vacuum cleaner are important, and the upright one is more effective than the handheld one. Consider the size of the hose, a large diameter hose can vacuum more cat litter at once. Finally, consider the price of the vacuum cleaner to meet the basic needs of individuals.


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