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Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Hurting Your Carpet?

Vacuum cleaners make all parts of your home clean, but most of the time you may worry that a Dyson vacuum cleaner will damage your carpets when it runs. Any vacuum can damage your carpets if used incorrectly. For example, high-speed operation of a stir bar can cause damage to carpets. But if you use your vacuum correctly and vacuum regularly, it can be good for carpets.

Some people may choose not to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner because some online reviews believe that it will damage the carpet. But you need to understand all aspects before making a decision. We will explore this issue in this article.

In most cases, carpets are placed in high-traffic areas and tend to be found to get dirty quickly. It can easily accumulate all kinds of dirt and other dust that hide in the fibers of the carpet. But if you don't clean it for a long time, the carpet will wear out faster.

How to Use Dyson Properly on Carpet
The right accessories

First you should use the right accessories. For example, the crevice tool can clean the edge of the carpet, and the mini electric brush can remove dust from thick carpet without damaging it.

Do not repeatedly vacuum in one place

If you've been vacuuming a very dirty area repeatedly, then you can suck the dirt out of there. But it makes the fibers very weak, and the next time you vacuum, the vacuum cleaner may take away the fibers there. causing damage to your carpet.

Vacuum slowly

Many people make this mistake and they may run the vacuum quickly in different directions. This is not advisable as most areas may be missed. You should vacuum the carpet slowly to give the vacuum enough time to remove the dirt. Try to be as slow as possible and vacuum in overlapping forms, making sure every area is covered.

Adjust height and suction

The Dyson vacuum is very powerful, so you need to use the correct suction when vacuuming carpets. It also comes with different height adjustment settings, and if the height is not correct, it may get stuck. When it doesn't move, it means it's stuck, stop immediately to adjust the height.


If you use the correct way of vacuuming, it will not damage your carpet. For example, you can set the suction and height, use cleaning accessories, etc. to vacuum the carpet. Such vacuuming will not cause some damage to your carpet.


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