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Aliexpress Standard Shipping Guidance

When shopping on aliexpress, you are bound to encounter questions about aliexpress standard shipping, so what is there to know about this logistics model? We have already covered the logistical logic of aliexpress standard shipping in a previous article, so today we will continue to talk about some guidance of it for you all.

aliexpress standard shipping is the famous shipping method in aliexpress

Aliexpress Standard Shipping is the Most Popular Shipping Method for Buyers

This is the Aliexpress Standard Shipping Guidance below.

We use a question and answer format to show:

Is it a specific logistics company?

A: No, think of it as an intermediary, once you have chosen it, your parcel will be arranged by it to a specific logistics company responsible for delivery.

Does it have insurance?

A: For sellers, there is insurance. However, it only covers accidents that occur during transport, and they are not liable if the goods are damaged or returned.

Is it traceable?

A:Yes, in the vast majority of cases you can use aliexpress standard shipping to find out information about a parcel using a third party logistics tracking tool, but occasionally you will not be able to check a tracking number on a third party tool due to the fact that the allocated logistics company information is not public online.

Is there a parcel weight limit for it?

A: Yes, usually shipping costs are much more expensive for packages over 2KG and most are limited to 25KG in weight.

How many days does it take to deliver?

A: This depends on your location, as aliexpress standard shipping is usually sent from China and will be much quicker to countries that are close to China and have a lot of trade, while some countries that have little trade with China will take a long time. Currently most countries in Europe are within 20 days.

Is it expensive?

A: With this logistical performance, we seller considers it to be very economical. This is because if you were to send it yourself using another logistics service, it would be much more expensive and just a few days faster than this.

Is it owned by aliexpress?

A: No, it is owned by aliexpress’ partner company, cainiao Group, which is also part of the Alibaba Group. It has now also changed its Chinese name and will probably complete the change on the buyer side as well in the future, highlighting the cainiao brand.

Why don’t I have to pay for shipping every time I use it?

A: Because the seller has made an allowance when setting the shipping cost, the seller covers the shipping cost of the entire order.

These can be set up depending on the country, for example we often set up free shipping for Russian customers, but not for Turkish customers because the shipping prices are different.

Why am I being charged twice for shipping when I buy two of the same product?

A: Because international shipping is charged by the gram, this is expensive, if you are buying two pieces but don’t want to pay twice the shipping cost, try contacting the seller to negotiate a discount.

Why don’t I see this option when I select the logistics mode?

A: There are two possibilities, one is that aliexpress standard shipping does not yet support delivery to your location, or the seller may have made a mistake when setting up the shipping template.

What are its advantages over aliexpress saver shipping?

A: A little faster, trackable, seller insured.

Why does the seller say it has been shipped, but we can’t see the tracking number?

A: This is because your parcel needs to arrive at the aliexpress transit warehouse for processing after it has come out of the seller’s warehouse and you will not see the tracking number until it has been processed. This usually takes 1-2 days.

Why does my tracking number show that it has been altered?

A: This is because Cainiao has automatically done the combining of multiple orders for you, combining your multiple orders from different sellers into one package, so the tracking number is modified.

When I check my logistic information, what is wrong with the logistic cancellation?

A: Usually because your parcel was not processed by aliexpress warehouse staff during the expiry date, either because your parcel was lost or because the seller mislabelled it (barcode)

My tracking number has not been updated for a long time, what should I do?

A:Use a third party tracking service to check the logistics information, find the name of the company actually responsible for the delivery and try to contact them. If you cannot find it, please leave a message for the seller.

I received a parcel with my address and information on the label, but the items inside are not my purchases at all, and they are more expensive than my own purchases, what happened?

A:It’s very likely that the wrong operation happened when Cainiao’s transit warehouse did the merge order, resulting in someone else’s parcel being tagged with your receiving information, and you both ended up receiving the wrong parcel.

Why does the tracking record show that my parcel went to another country and did not arrive in my country, should I file a dispute?

A:International shipping is more complex than you can imagine, especially as many parcels destined for Europe transit through different countries, so when you see these logistics information in doubt, you can wait a few days before checking them out.

After reading the aliexpress standard shipping guidance above do you have a better understanding of the whole logistics model?

Also I’ve started an AMA thread on reddit, drop me a line there if you’re interested.

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Tebogo Selete
Tebogo Selete
Jun 14, 2023

My parcel shows its been arrived at the pick up point, Is the anyway I can collect it or I have to wait for it to be delivered at my doorstep

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