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Dyson vacuum filter

Dyson vacuum filters are engineered to capture microscopic dust particles,which can build up over time. Wsahing them is quick and easy ,and can help your vacuum retain its power.

Dyson vacuum filter.jpg

Mini motorized tool

The motorized brush bar spins to remove groundindirt and hair .While an articulated maintains a strong suction seal,even when vacuuming at different angles.

Mini motorized tool.jpg

Stubborn dirt brush

Stiff nylon bristles help scrub dried-on dirt from high traffic areas. With a wide mouth to cover more surface with each sweep.

Stubborn dirt brush.jpg

Mattress tool

Extra-wide aperture engineered to ensure the tool doesn’t stick on fabric. A precisely engineered channel distributes airflow for optimized edge-to-edge suction.

Mattress tool.jpg

Mini soft dusting brush

Soft bristles lift dust and allergens from flat surfaces and furniture. Red felt layer helps lift fine dust from delicate surfaces and loosen it from upholstery.

Mini soft dusting brush.jpg

Torque Drive brush bar

The spiral-shaped straight hair design is compact and rotates smoothly
ABS material is more robust and durable
Removable for cleaning and repeated use

Torque Drive brush bar.jpg
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