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Xiaomi G1 Robotic Sweeper Details

Yesterday we introduced the Xiaomi 1c model, today we focus on the same from Xiaomi’s cost-effective Robotic Vacuum Cleaner product – Xiaomi G1.

Xiaomi G1

Xiaomi G1

The full English name of Xiaomi G1 is Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential, and the model numbers usually seen on the machine nameplate are MJSTG1 (Chinese version) and skv4136gl (international version). So you need to check this information carefully when buying related accessories.

Xiaomi G1 compared to Xiaomi 1c, using a relatively low-end gyroscope navigation module, which has a relatively large cost advantage compared to other products using SLAM navigation technology, so this product will be slightly inferior in path planning and obstacle avoidance. But the basic sweeping and dragging function can still satisfy the ordinary family use.

There are rumors that Xiaomi has invested in Zhuhai Amicro Semiconductor Co., Ltd, a sweeping robot chip solution provider, so this one should also use Amicro Chips.

Another more valuable information is that Xiaomi this product is directly found manufacturers Shenzhen Silver Star intelligent OEM production. Silver Star is a veteran of the sweeping robot industry, and also has the title of Whampoa military school in the sweeping robot industry.

But in other configurations Xiaomi is still very willing to invest, Nidec motor brings a large suction power of 2200Pa, as well as adjustable water tank design and a large battery of 2500mAh.

This cost-effective device is currently selling very well in China and Russia, allowing more families to use intelligent robots.

More reviews of the Xiaomi G1 can be found in this article.


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