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What is the brand position of LEXY JIMMY?

LEXY JIMMY —— Some readers should have seen the products of this brand on e-commerce websites. From the name alone, this JIMMY is a new brand belonging to the LEXY company, which mainly focuses on online.



LEXY itself is a long-established cleaning products manufacturer established in 1994, the business model is mainly for domestic sales of independent brands and ODM export business; the main business is vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, water purifiers, kitchen appliances and other small home appliances and gardening tools products.

According to their official description, Lexy’s branding and creation philosophy is as follows.

In 2009, Lexy founded its own brand. Launched the brand “LEXY”—-Technology to enjoy quality life. Transformation of business from “ODM mode” to “independent brand + ODM mode”.

LEXY Brand

LEXY Brand

In 2018, the JIMMY brand was released, targeting the consumption habits and life tastes of the young post-90s group, JIMMY , taking the route of product personalization, fashion and rejuvenation, providing young consumers with high value, high-tech and cost-effective living home appliances. 2020, the successful launch of “SieMatic ” (high-end intelligent kitchen products) and “TheSuns” (Internet kitchen small appliances) brand.

Some online stores will add the xiaomi brand in front of JIMMY products, in fact, are wrong, because so far, JIMMY and LEXY and Xiaomi do not have much capital intersection, only Xiaomi had a deeper cooperation with LEXY JIMMY a single product, which led to the debut of this new product on Xiaomi’s own e-commerce platform Xiaomi Youpin.

LEXY is a very old foundry in China, serving many international cleaning equipment brands, and is also the foundry of some well-known domestic brands in China, so they have a very strong manufacturing capacity, and can also provide very cost-effective products, but because of the lack of brand building and marketing for so many years, resulting in their own brand awareness is not enough. Later,We hope to see this industry old company can find a better way out in brand marketing.


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