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Shark vacuum brush indicator light is not on

When you use the vacuum cleaner to work again, you may feel very frustrated to suddenly find that the indicator light of the vacuum brush is not on. Why is its light not on? What does it mean that the light is not on? How should you fix it? Next, we will get the answer in this article.

The function of vacuum scrolling indicator light

It's there to tell you when you need to clean the roll brush. If everything is ok and the brush is working fine, the indicator light is green. But if there is too much hair or debris tangled in the roll brush, it will turn red. It may still flash, but that's not a problem. This could mean it's out of power or charging.

The reasons for not lighting are:

Vacuum cleaner overheating

If the indicator light doesn't light up, it may be because the vacuum is too hot. Immediately turn off your vacuum and unplug it, let it cool for 40 minutes, and then turn it on. If the problem still exists, you can ask customer service for help.

Not turning on the switch correctly

The shark vacuum power switch has two modes, each with its own cleaning mode. One is suction mode and the other is brush mode. To activate brush mode, you need to make sure the switch is on the brush mode side. If it is on the suction mode side, the brush will not turn on and the natural indicator light will not light up.

The nozzle is not connected properly.

If the switch is in the correct position, then see if the nozzle is connected properly. If the nozzle is not connected properly, The nozzle can't power the roller brush. No electricity means no light. The nozzle should be fully fixed.

Blocked suction port

If the suction port is blocked, the indicator light will not be on. Check the suction port for blockages, and try again if it is removed.

Belt is broken

If your vacuum cleaner doesn't exist for the above reasons, then there is another possibility that the belt is broken. You need to replace it quickly.


If your light doesn't light up, and you happen to be reading this article. Then you know what might be causing it, and everyone probably won't avoid it, so find out why it doesn't light up.


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