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iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brush Motor Replacement Videos

Roomba Motor Replacement?

Most families have a robot vacuum cleaner, after a year or two of use these machines often have a variety of glitches, the most headache is probably the damage to the motor inside.

Replacement of the Roomba Motor

Replace the motor

In fact, don’t worry too much, because nowadays, sweeping robots are modularly designed and installed in the manufacturing process, so as long as you can buy the parts, it’s not too difficult to repair and replace them manually by yourself, and today we found two videos that will let you clearly see the process of manually replacing the brush motor of iRobot Roomba series:

iRobot Roomba series uses a modular design, in fact, the maintenance is very simple!

Main Brush Motor Replacement Video

Manual replacement of the main brush motor

Side Brush Motor Replacement Video:

Manual replacement of the side brush motor

After watching these two videos are you confident to replace the old Roomba’s bad motor in your home with a new one?Ok, just come and do the Roomba Motor Replacement ASAP!


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