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How to vacuum under the bed?

When cleaning your home, most people focus on the living room, kitchen and bedroom. But for the bedroom, it may only focus on cleaning the floor. Rarely notice what's under the bed because it's a hard place to see. Because of this, there is often a lot of dust and dirt stored here, and even some allergens can accumulate.

Maybe the space under your bed is very large, so it will be filled with some debris. In order to thoroughly clean under the bed, you first need to take out all the items below. It may be another sock that you haven't found for a long time, it may be clothes, etc.

Second, you need to get out the right vacuum. Of course you can't do this with a small hand-held vacuum, and it won't do it. The best ones are vacuums with long wands that have a lot of suction and will clean under the bed very well. Cleaning is better if it has some special accessories. If your bed is very low, there are tools you can use to help you raise it a few inches.

To start vacuuming, you can use some accessory tools to vacuum. You should keep your vacuum cleaner in a straight, overlapping path of motion under the bed to avoid missing places. After completing the main part, vacuum corners and other places.

After you stop cleaning, check under-bed hygiene to make sure all aspects have been cleaned.

For under-bed hygiene, you should vacuum at least twice a month, it's important for your health. If you have a lot of stuff under your bed, you will need to clean more often. But the best advice is not to put anything under your bed, as it is likely to breed some dirt.


Constant use of a vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom of the bed is a good thing. The correct way is not to pile items under the bed, use the correct vacuum cleaner for vacuuming. Look for a vacuum cleaner with strong suction. If the bed is very low, you can use a robot vacuum cleaner such as Roborock, Roomba, etc. for cleaning.


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