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How to vacuum stairs with an upright vacuum cleaner?

If your home has multiple floors, cleaning the stairs is a small problem. Everyone knows that vacuuming the stairs is not an easy task because you have to vacuum as you go. And don't leave out any nooks and crannies. If you plan to use a standing vacuum on the stairs, you need to be familiar with these tools.

Effective use of accessories makes vacuuming easy. You'll need a crevice tool and a power brush accessory.

The crevice tool is a slender rod that removes dust that accumulates in the corners and crevices of stairs. A power brush accessory can be used at the end. The vertical vacuum cleaner equipped with the crevice tool makes cleaning stairs easy and efficient.

Before using these tools, go up the stairs to see if there are any larger pieces. If there is, it's best to pick it up first.

It is best to vacuum from the top of the stairs so that any dust that falls along the way can be picked up by the vacuum cleaner on the last flight of stairs. Another reason is that it is easier to lift the vacuum cleaner from the stairs than to lift it up. It is best to clean two flights of stairs at a time, which is easier.

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Using the crevice tool to clean the edges and corners will clear most of the dust; or you can pile the dust in the middle, which can be easily sucked away. Brush accessories are not necessary, and if you have pets at home, it is best to use them. Because it can easily find hair.

For the middle platform of the two floors of the stairs, you can swipe back and forth a few times. Or change to a wider attachment, which can help you wipe a larger area at a time.

About the place erected between the stairs and the stairs, you may need to change the angle of the tool slightly to effectively clean the place. It is best to walk from upstairs to downstairs, alternating vacuuming between the platform and the standing place.

Those who own multiple floors will know how hard it is to clean stairs. But if you can use the accessories well, then it will be slightly easier. Clean the stairs a little more, otherwise it will be more laborious to wait until the dust builds up. Having a lightweight upright vacuum also helps a lot.


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