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How to repair vacuum hose leakage?

One of the common problems with vacuum cleaners is a leaking vacuum hose. If the hose leaks, the vacuum will not be able to effectively collect dust and debris. This may keep your home from being cleaned well and you will be annoyed. Usually the damage to the hose will be small and may not be easy to spot. But what should we do when we find that the vacuum hose is damaged?

Before you start repairing the hose, you need to do a careful inspection of the hose, both internally and externally. In order to find the leak, you need to clean the hose first. We have also mentioned the cleaning method of the hose before.

After cleaning the inside, you can wipe the outside. Check the outside for obvious cracks or breaks. If you identify the leak, you can fix it.

Fix leaks

First determine whether the leak is at the end or in the middle of the hose. If the leak is near the end of the hose, you can fix it with tape or sealant. You can choose the color of tape you like, it can perfectly wrap the broken area. Remember to press hard so that it can be fully adhered.

Or your vacuum has a detachable plastic connector, which you can also remove. Use scissors to cut off the broken hose and reinstall the plastic head. Then connect the hose to the vacuum cleaner and it's ready to use.

If the leak is in the middle of the hose, then unfortunately you may need to replace an entire hose. The process of replacing the hose is also very simple and has been described in How to Clean the Hose.


The hose is a very important part of the vacuum cleaner. If the hose is broken or broken, the vacuum cleaner will lose its suction. So always check the hose for cracks and repair it in time. If it is found that it is broken, it also needs to be replaced in time. In order to ensure the best suction of the vacuum cleaner and better clean your home.


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