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How to clean to be clean? Narwal Freo Versatile Self Mop Robot has figured it out for you!

In 2019, Narwal released the first sweeping robot, the Narwal J1. It has won a good reputation in the market for its automatic washing of mops. In 2021, the Narwal J2, which can automatically load and unload water, was launched, which can be described as an "original" technology. At that time, there were few vacuum cleaners on the market that did this. Unexpectedly, after a lapse of a year, the Narwal J3 appeared in the public eye. Also known as Narwal Freo Versatile Self Mop Clean Robot with DirtSense. So what technology did it use to amaze everyone this time?


First of all, in appearance, its base station is round, and the appearance of pure white and silver edge decoration will not appear abrupt anywhere in the home. Compared with the Narwal J2, the touch screen of the base station has also been upgraded, eliminating physical buttons. You can set a cleaning mode on the touch screen, a child lock, and automatically add cleaning fluid, etc. Two grooves are also added on the sides to facilitate your handling of the base station.

Cleaning ability

Narwal J1, J2 need to manually change the sweep mode, and J3 can finally sweep and mop, and the module does not need you to change it. The sweep and mop module is automatically lifted and retracted in different environments. The configuration of the sweeping floor adopts the design of bilateral brushes. The V-shaped side brush can automatically adjust the speed, Bow shape cleaning speed is 130 rpm, and the room is 350 rpm.

Double Brush

The Narwal J3 uses a bass roller brush, which greatly improves the sweeping ability. The main brush with a combination of bristles and rubber strips is very clean, and although it is easy to tangle hairs, it is also very clean.

bass roller brush

The mops can be closely attached to each other, leaving no gaps when mopping the floor, and the efficiency will also be improved to a certain extent. The Narwal J3 has 5 cleaning modes to choose from. The most prominent mode is the whale spirit hosting. After adopting the whale spirit hosting, it will judge whether it needs to be cleaned again according to the degree of dirty water on the washing cloth until the area is completely clean. In addition, there are four modes of single sweep, single drag, sweep first and then drag, and sweep and drag at the same time to meet personal needs. Ultrasonic recognition can also be performed for areas with carpets.

Narwal has always used the rotary pressure mopping method, which takes different pressures according to different floor. The floor material is 7N, and the tile is 12N. The mop used weighs only 17g and is 135mm wide. The J3 also uses two independent fans and heating equipment, which can blow out hot air at 40 ° C. More uniform and fast drying mop prevents bacterial growth.


There is also a "smart-swing" cleaning that cleans the edges of walls and other hygienic dead corners. In mopping mode, it can twist its body and use a mop to clean the corners.

Dust box

The dust box has also been upgraded, and the volume of the upgraded dust box is 480ml. You can hold the dust box with one hand to dump garbage, and it can be easily opened by pressing the PUSH switch, which is more labor-saving than before, and it will not get dirty.

Dust box

Cleaning the base station

The cleaning tray and cleaning base can be disassembled and taken directly from the base station for cleaning. No more kneeling on the ground to clean the base station as before.

Noise reduction

The Narwal J3 is also only 53 decibels in operation, and it uses multiple noise reduction.


From the above description, Narwal J3 is still worth buying. Its technical improvement is also obvious, especially the whale spirit hosting mode, which completely frees hands. You can also twist your butt to clean edge dead ends, extend the washing mop time according to the level of sewage, etc. There are some small upgrades in all aspects, but it brings great convenience.


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