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How does it do with rugs that have fringe?

We have witnessed a lot of vacuum cleaners in navigation and obstacle avoidance. But for users, carpets are one of the focuses of choosing a vacuum cleaner. For fringed carpets, their edges are long and they can easily get stuck and wrap around the brush roller. So, how do vacuum cleaners handle edge carpets?

Originated from the Roborock community

Can the vacuum cleaners handle edge carpets? This depends on the length of the edge with your carpet. If the edges of the carpet are long, then the vacuum cleaner cannot handle it. It may tangle or get stuck. However, if the edges are short, your vacuum cleaner may be able to handle it.

When using a vacuum cleaner, if the edges are tangle in the machine, it may cause the brush to break. Then you need to buy the brush again. It will also cause some damage to the edges of the carpet to a greater or lesser extent. If your fringed rug has been around for a long time and you can't throw it away. Then you can also consider the following solutions.


People are good at being flexible and have successfully made their vacuum cleaners clean fringed carpets.

The simplest trick is that you can fold the tassels under the carpet before cleaning so that they are under the carpet. You can also cut off the tassels if you wish. This way you don't have to worry about the machine getting stuck or breaking the carpet.

Buy some double-sided tape or carpet tape to stick tassels to the floor. Or for example: tesa® 51960, which has strong adhesion and is largely residue-free. But inevitably, the washed carpets will require you to stick to them again.

Carpet tape:tesa® 51960

If your vacuum cleaner is a high-end model, you can set a virtual wall or exclusion zone on the app. However, this only applies if your rug has only tassels on both sides. If your robot doesn't have an app that enables forbidden zones or virtual walls, you can do this by folding the tassel under the carpet. However, if you want to set up a cleaning plan and you are not at home, then this method does not work.

If you have enough money to budget, then you can also choose to buy a vacuum cleaner that suits this type of carpet. For example, iRobot Roomba brand.


Even if the quality of the vacuum cleaner is high, there is always a risk that the edges will get stuck. When you want to use a vacuum cleaner to clean carpets with edges, you still want to take some precautions. This is for your own peace of mind and to protect your carpet and vacuum cleaner from any damage.


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