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Dyson V10 Animal vs Dyson V10 Absolute:What's the difference?

Dyson is a very popular brand. If you want to buy the best vacuum cleaner in the Dyson V10 series, do you know who to choose? We'll compare Dyson V10 Absolute vs Dyson V10 Animal here to help you make a better choice.


The Dyson V10 Absolute vs Dyson V10 Animal is very similar in appearance, except for the price and the tools it comes with. The Dyson V10 Absolute is priced at $449.99, while the Dyson V10 Animal is priced at $549.99.


On the tool the V10 Animal has a hair screw tool, a slit tool, a combination tool, a mini soft dust brush. The V10 Absolute has all of the above accessories, plus it has a soft roller.

Hair screw tool

Cleaning function

Because the V10 Absolute has a soft roller cleaning head, it is ideal for cleaning hard floors. It picks up dust particles from hard floors while it is running, so it is the best choice for cleaning hard floors.

The same
Running time

Both vacuums last for 60 minutes, but the time depends on the cleaning mode and accessories. In terms of charging time, it takes about 3.5 hours for both vacuums to fully charge.

Motor and suction

Both vacuum cleaners use the new Dyson V10 motor, which provides stronger suction. Then this means that the suction force of both vacuum cleaners is the same.

Powerful suction across all surfaces

Clean mode

Both models have three different suction modes to work, namely low, medium and high modes. Each mode has a different cleaning function, and the cleaning efficiency is naturally different.

The Dyson V10 Absolute is more versatile than the V10 Animal because of its more comprehensive accessories. It's also now priced around $100 less than the V10 Animal. If you have more hard floors, the V10 Absolute is your best bet. But if your home is just carpet, the V10 Animal is a better fit because its direct drive cleaning head is great for cleaning deep carpets.

Which should you choose to buy?

Both are great, they are similar but different. Which one you end up buying is based on your needs and budget.


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